Year 2015:

This year on Instagram I started the project of #monthlyphotoroundups2015.  The most amazing part of this project is that I actually finished it!! I took my nine favorite Instagram photos from each month and made a collage of them to remember the year by.  I thought I’d share the results here along with a review of the moments and memories that stand out to our family the most from 2015.


Not pictured–Uncle Tanner and Misa’s wedding in Utah!! // Charlie was still a tiny baby // James was a regular crack up

january 2015


We announced our pregnancy with Tiny! // We started our Family Picnic Project where we committed to go on a family picnic once a week // Charlie started walking



JW’s family came for Easter // more picnic pictures // lots of napping pictures because I love how innocent my babies are when they are sleeping // hair



LEGOS!!! // Family!! // beach houses!!



Visited Utah with the boys for Uncle Tanner’s graduation–JW surprised us there for a day!! // Mothers Day // adventures with tiny humans

may 2015


Harry Potter made his debut!! // Fathers Day // Tanner and Misa visit before heading to med school in Louisiana and discover they’re PREGNANT!! // James got his tonsils/adenoids out and tubes put in // summer adventures with tiny humans // John William works at his dream job for a summer internship

june 2015


James turned four!!! // growing Tiny // best friend brothers // wonderful 4th of July // visit to Utah // James’ first lemonade stand to help raise money for a Lego set he had his heart set on

july 2015


Baby August Jacob is born and is delicious and life-completing!! // strawberry picking // general enthusiasm for life



John takes James to Utah for Uncle Marshall’s homecoming // Mommy comes out to help with my three tiny humans // Charlie turns two!!! // We started our date-your-kids initiative and started regularly taking each individual child out for a fancy date with Mom or Dad // my babies are amazing // JW starts his last year at Stanford

september 2015


JW’s golden birthday!! // So many babies!! Loving it, but feeling a little more stress… // James’ first Primary Program // Auggie obsessed // amazing Halloween // John’s family comes out for a short visit
october 2015


I turn 31! // I did my Instagram project called #AJoyDaily  to help me feel more joy in motherhood and less overwhelming-ness// John starts his DREAM JOB at Google!! So we commit to staying in the Bay!! // Auggie!! // my side of the family coming in for a glorious Thanksgiving // James gives his first talk in Primary about service // gorgeous Autumn in the Bay



hello Utah and gorgeous snow!! // Auggie’s first Christmas // Auggie was blessed on Christmas Day evening surrounded by a small group of family // August officially goes bald // best friend brothers // Star Wars obsessed // family obsessed


I wanted to include some other favorite pictures of the year, too, just in case this post wasn’t overly-long enough:



 Happy New Year everybody!