August Jacob is officially five months old and we have no idea how we ever lived without him.  He’s rolling all over, nurses like a champ, swings, sits in the high chair, has blonde hairs sprouting and is all cheeks and chuckles.  He’s falling in love with his brothers and laughs and plays with them like we all fell right out of heaven.

It looks like the rainy season might be over here in the Bay (tears!!) but we have been enjoying some amazing sunshine the past few days.  We’ll be spending every coming day at the park trading Pokemon cards, I’m pretty sure.  

So, little news for ya: I’ve become a Younique Products presenter (only the best–hands down–makeup line on the earth) and I cannot tell you all the inspiring quotes and videos I’ve come across as I’ve started to build my business and work on some personal enrichment.  Here is one that has really gotten me thinking lately:

“Process driven thinking allows us to be our best selves and be willing to take risks.  We tie our worth to doing the best we can and working hard to achieve our goals.  We view ourselves as inherently worthy and awesome regardless of the outcome.  Outcome driven thinking inhibits our willingness to take risks and try new things. It ties our worth to achieving a set outcome.  When we don’t reach the desired outcome we have “failed” regardless of growth that has occurred along the way.”

I didn’t even realize I was so outcome-driven in my thinking–even in my parenting!–until I came across this quote.  I’ve tried to become more process-driven and I can’t even begin to tell you how freeing it has been and how much happier and confident I am in my endeavors, whether it be my parenting, placing a monetary value on my talents, or building my new business.  Anyhoo, just something to think about.  Now get out there and get ‘er done. Xoxo