“How was your day?”

Right now I am hanging out with my Lego-building babies in a dimly-lit nursery with the windows open, listening to the sound of pouring rain outside.  I love this feeling–this feeling of peace and contentment and, for some reason, relief.  All seems right in this little world of ours today.

(What started out as this ^ ended up as…..)

  The other day I spied on James putting Charlie down for his nap, which is my very favorite thing to do in all the world (Seriously, this is one of the main tricks I would encourage moms to multiple babies to do–get your older babies to put your younger babies down for their naps and just see how special it makes their friendships!!).  I heard him tell Charlie a story, snuck a peak of him kissing Charlie’s forehead and climbing into his bed next to him for a little chat.  This is the conversation I overheard:

“So, Charlie.  How was your day?”

“Gate.” (translation: “Great.”)

“Charlie, then you say, ‘How was your day?'”


“No, you ask me, ‘How was your day?'”


“No, Chooch.  Say, ‘How was your day?'”

“How was you day, James?”


Not every day is easy, but every day is great.