home for the holidays: a blessing for August

We were so excited to bless our Tiny Auggie on Christmas night among a small group of our family.  It was a little piece of heaven, with all those we love most under one roof, sipping hot chocolate and talking of things of eternal importance while the snow was gently falling outside.  I took about a thousand pictures that probably look exactly like the one above to someone who isn’t the mother of the subject of the pictures, so here are some others I couldn’t just let die in my photo library:

John gave a beautiful blessing.  He was inspired to bless August to be a bridge-builder and a peacemaker, a champion of Truth, that he will foster healing and that he will be able to acknowledge the greatness of women, among other things.  Sometimes I can’t even believe that this is real life–that I have this Tiny precious soul all to myself!!  I guess I’ll share him with the rest of the fam, if I must … 


Maybe this is inappropriate to point out, considering the nature of this post, but look how hot my husband is up there. ^  Also, that is my gorgeous mommy up there on the couch.

This is Auggie’s uncle Jacob, the special uncle that August Jacob was named for.  I cannot think of a better example for our sweet GusGus.  Jake is uniquely wonderful for so many reasons, but most of all for his kindness.  Check out his website, if you like, and tell him I sent you!

It was such a special evening on such a special Christmas Day.  We are so grateful for all the love and support shown to our little Tiny.  He’s got such a bright future and we are so excited to be along for the ride!