we’re alive!

We are now two months into our new life and we are feeling great.  There were some rough patches as the boys adjusted to the change and I, personally, struggled off and on with anxiety issues from about 6 weeks postpartum on, but we have found our peace and are in a great place right now.  November is usually the month that I post the most with my (almost annual) gratitude posts each year (see 2014, 2012, 2011, and 2010).  These gratitude posts have produced some of the work I am most proud of on this blog but I didn’t commit to it this year.  Instead I am doing a project on Instagram to help me find joy each day, no matter how sleep deprived or anxious I am feeling.  I call it #AJoyDaily and it has proven to be incredibly fulfilling so far.  Feel free to join in for the rest of the month!  You’ll be surprised what you discover that brings you joy!  But even though I’ve decided to not commit to gratitude blog posts each day this month I wanted to commit to get back into blogging regularly.  It really brings me so much joy to keep records of my babies and the things I love, even if it’s only for myself.  Here are some pictures (mostly from IG) from the last few months and a rundown of what’s been going on:

This^ was actually the week before I delivered.  Charlie ate nightshade from our backyard and had to get black charcoal again (see here, and yes, they remembered us from last time…) and James was sick with a really bad headache and we were worried it was meningitis.  I was itching out of my mind with colestasis so I asked for a hospital gown, too, to feel less constricted.  John asked for one to protect his clothes from the black charcoal.  We were quite the site, a family of sickies.

Augie at 6 weeks old^

One night I got up to go to the bathroom and almost tripped over Charlie! ^

UZZE3179 The boys at the aquarium with visiting Grammy and Grampa.^

The attitude on this one^ 😉

We’ve been trying to take each individual child on dates lately so they get one-on-one time with each parent.  It’s been amazing, even if the dates aren’t that fancy.  The boys think it’s fancy just to be out with Mom or Dad, feeling all special.

Charlie turned two!^

This^ night is actually worth documenting because it started out pretty bad with naughty kids and blatant disobedience.  John and I were so angry.  But then out of no where we decided to laugh about it and make it funny and it actually turned out to be one of the greatest nights our little family of 5 has had so far.  Not to mention this was the first picture of all of us together! (fail)

We are slightly obsessed with artforkidshub.com!!^

These babies are obsessed with GusGus!!

Charlie wanted to take this ^ picture.  I love it.

We try to squeeze in as much marriage time as possible.  In the past we have been big on Netflix at night together, which is great and dandy, but lately we have been talking so much and haven’t even missed Netflix.  I’d say this is the strongest our marriage has ever been.

John William celebrated his GOLDEN birthday in October!IMG_8187

Like I said, obsessed. ^

I am too. ^

First smiles always feel like little miracles.^  Come to think of it, is any miracle little?

LOTS of park days!  It’s part of my sanity regimen.

He’s getting into selfies, ha! ^

Lastly, John got a job!!  He’ll be working part time until he’s done with his program in March and then be full time, so it looks like we are staying in the Bay!!  We couldn’t be more grateful and excited!!

Thank you for indulging me and this major update dump.  I’m excited to get back into blogging and to write for realsies.