babies and autumn and people and love


You can bet that every pile of colorful leaves I come across this season gets a photo with my babies.  Especially now that Auggie is all smiles and gigs.  I mean, is there anything more joyous than babies and autumn??  It doesn’t get too chilly here in Silicon Valley but there is a crispness in the air and dew on the trees in the morning and I have been able to wear sweaters comfortably, so it’s basically heav’n.

I think it’s funny that the month I dedicate to finding joy each day is the hardest month of my life as a mother to date.  Not every moment is hard, but there are hard moments every day.  Heavenly Father must have known that I’d need my #AJoyDaily project (on Instagram, follow along -here-) to keep perspective in the hard moments.  I might keep up the project through the end of the year, it’s been so fulfilling.  The above photo is my latest installment to the project.

auggie in leaves 2

I know I talk a lot about how much I love my family in this space, but I wanted to take a moment to emphasize how much I love people in general.  There are so many good people.  There are so many good people who help me want to be better and inspire me with ways to try to do so.  There are good people out there who love my babies like their own, who don’t judge me, who forgive me for judging them, who live solid Christian lives,  no matter their belief system.  I just love people so much.  I believe in people and their intentions.  John has taught a lot about this and I’m so grateful for his example of loving and believing in people without expectations.

Today is a special day in our little family’s history.  It’s John’s and my six year anniversary!  He’s already showered me with adoration and gifts and a declaration that he loves me “like light loves to move at the same speed in any internal frame of reference.” (#nerdnation) He’s a gentleman AND a scholar! I’m so lucky!

boys in leaves