a little bit of today

This morning Charlie drew all over our walls with my lipstick.  For the third time.  Isn’t there a saying about who the fool is if what you’re doing doesn’t teach your child?  Or something?  I haven’t even bothered to clean it off yet.  There’s a little piece of my heart that loves it, actually.  I don’t mind little traces of my babies’ hearts here and there in our home.  His lipstick mural lets me inside his brain just a tad, and that’s special to me.   That’s not to say he didn’t get in trouble for it, though.  But I could have and should have been more patient and compassionate about it.  Next time (because I’m a fool) I’ll be more patient and compassionate.

I’ve been doing a lot of commissioned graphic art lately, trying to save up some pennies for my babies’ Christmas (that includes my John Baby).  They are projects that are very meaningful to me.  They have to do with teaching children scriptures and I can’t think of anything more important for children to learn about.  I’ve been using my art to teach my babies specific scripture passages for several months now and together they have a handful of scriptures memorized, if I help them just a little.  Charlie very enthusiastically yells out “If ye love me, keep my COMMANDMENTS!!”  He might think it’s actually a script and not a scripture because he gives me a ton of commandments to keep because he knows I love him.  Little boss.

These two sure do fight a lot.  Actually, it’s more Charlie egging James on.  James is usually pretty patient with Charlie and tries to teach him to be kind to him, but Charlie has a touch of the middle child complex and refuses to be anything but just as big and in charge as James.  There are tears a lot but I know they are the best of friends because when James puts Charlie down for a nap they hug and kiss and snuggle and it’s my favorite thing in the world to spy on.