a pizza party for Charlie…

Our sweet Charlie John turned 2 at the end of September and we threw him a fun pizza party, per his darling little request.  He loved being the center of attention, which doesn’t happen much being the middle child.  Who am I kidding…. Charlie does a pretty good job making sure he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  But it was special just the same to see some time, love and fuss dedicated solely to him.

James and John had been in Utah the entire week before the party and came home from the airport straight into the celebrations.  I missed those two desperately!  James was a little groggy when he first got home but he quickly joined in the fun of spoiling his baby brother.

My darling mama was still in town and was able to help out with little 4 week old Auggie.  Neither of them are in this picture, but we have all the loves for them, too.  We love our sweet Char Char so much and are so excited about how big he’s getting!  Happy Birthday, Choo Choo!!