Gramma Jac.

Gramma Jac (aka my mumsie) came out to the Bay last week to help with August and keep me company while John and James headed back to Utah to visit family (the photo above was how Charlie and I felt about it).  It could not have been a more wonderful week with this wonderful woman.  It was full of McDonalds and Diet Coke and naps and laughs.  She spoiled Charlie and helped him feel so special.  I often worry about Charlie and how he feels he fits in as the middle child.  Don’t get me wrong, he can hold his own with James.  But I just hope I can convey to him how important and essential he is to our family bond, especially at this time of transition with our new little guy taking a lot of my time.  Gramma Jac put all my worries to rest, though.  They became special friends last week and will be forever now.  We all had a good cry sesh at the airport when we had to drop her off to go back home.  It was all sorts of pitiful.  At one point James, who had gotten back the night before, exclaimed through his crocodile tears, “I WANNA KEEEEEEEP HEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!”  Me, too, bro.




These few photos were from our adventure on Stanford Campus together.  Unfortunately they were all I got all week, but those few with my mom and Charlie are some of my all time favorites.