waiting for August


Happy birthday to our little August Jacob!!  Three boys and we couldn’t be happier!  This Tiny angel has already brought so much peace and purpose.  We are still in newborn-haze-phaze but the boys are obsessed with him.  James has already been holding a huge space for Tiny in his heart since the moment he found out I was pregnant (watch this video here), and he has stepped into his role of protector and friend seamlessly.  Charlie loves the baby and wants to hold him all the time but has exhibited some angst in other ways that I think stem from him seeing James with a new little buddy that is a threat to their friendship.  He hasn’t taken any of his frustration out on August, thankfully, but poor James is getting the beat-ups pretty good.  We’ve explained to him that Charlie isn’t quite old enough to express how he feels about all the change and so he is doing the best he can but that James will probably be getting the brunt of Charlie’s physical expressions of his feelings.  James has been so patient with him and will even take Charlie’s aggression towards him as cues to grab him his favorite blanky or a sippy or a fun book to read together.  James has really become the big brother everyone can trust to show love and to protect our hearts.  He’s not perfect but he might just love perfectly.

PicMonkey Collage aug

Thank you to everyone who has shown such incredible love and support.  August already has a huge fan club and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone in his life who will cheer for him and help him.  It seemed like such a long wait, but we finally are all together as we should be.