strawberry fields forever

I have been feeling like a complete slug lately with this whole growing-a-baby thing and am so grateful to friends who invite us to do fun stuff with them so that I feel like I am still a fun mom now and again for my boys.  This past weekend we went strawberry picking!  It was a bit of a drive but it was only $1.75 a pound and there was a bakery with homemade pie and ice cream and antiques and it was all just too adorable.  The boys had the time of their lives.  Until the drive home when James got deathly car sick…. he takes after me.  But before that he kept saying, “This was the best day ever!!”

James is in love with his “Dark Vader” hat that he got from Gramma Jac for his birthday.

They both worked hard and kept picking!  We ended up with about 5 pounds!

James was very proud of himself.

My little dreamers.

They are getting closer and closer these days and playing so well together.  They are both realizing how much they need each other.  It’s so precious.

The sweaty, dirty face of a hard manual laborer!

Aren’t strawberries just the prettiest??