One last birthday post for James:

birthday boy collage

Just a few more thoughts and a few more pictures of James and his big day.  I have a hard time articulating my thoughts when I’m pregnant.  I long to be able to poetically describe my feelings and sentiments for my sweet baby boy adequately but my pregnancy brain inhibits me.  I simply adore him.  James is my little therapist in a big way.  He knows me so well and loves me anyway.  He is merciful with my shortcomings and tries so hard to be a good boy.  He is particular like me, an engineer like his dad, a hero to his Charlie and the light of all of our lives.  To know James is to love him.  We loved celebrating him in July!


You cannot imagine a prouder four-year-old!  It’s been amazing to compare James’ attitude about his birthday this year to his attitude last year.  He’s matured so much in a year.  Last year he naturally morphed into a greedy little gremlin when it came to presents and his party and everything and this year he kept telling us how grateful he was for everything!  Of course he still loved getting presents and will never get enough of that, but he’s really turned into a grateful little guy.  That’s one of the things I would want most for him, a grateful disposition.

PicMonkey Collage b

For James’ birthday invitation to his imagination birthday party I illustrated these fun little guys.  The Yoda ears are cut off because of the sizing of the collage, but I think you get the idea.  James loves to pretend and dress up and these pictures depict that pretty well.  We’ll be printing them off and hanging them in the boys’ room, James loves them so much.  One last little present for him, you could say!  We love you, James. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET BOY!