This stage.

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When I was in Utah last week my Dad told me something that stuck with me and taught me a lot about myself.  He said that I was really good at appreciating my kids’ cuteness in each of their stages.  It doesn’t sound like much but it made my heart sing.  Maybe because part of me thought that was a super sweet compliment, but also because it taught me that I should be more aware of my kids’ cuteness in each of their stages and having something specific I can work on as a mom gives me so much relief.  Also, I just feel like it’s so special when people in my life tell me things about myself that I had no idea were parts of myself until I hear them say them and then I realize how well they know me.  John and my dad are the kings of this.

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So here I am, appreciating my kids’ cuteness in this amazingly cute stage.  I’m getting more tired each day as this Tiny grows in my belly and I’m getting larger and larger and less in-charger of these nutters but they let me nap with them each day and that makes all the difference.  And this slower pace is helping me appreciate them in a very special way.  We don’t have a ton of activities or obligations overshadowing our friendships.  I am more appreciating the special moments when Charlie caresses my face and James tells me I’m his very favorite mommy.

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