James’ 4th birthday photo shoot:

Today is James’ 4th birthday and we have so many wonderful pictures of all his celebrations to get posted, but first, his annual birthday photo shoot.  James had the hardest time this year trying to decide on what kind of birthday party to have.  He went from a lego party to a ninja turtle party to a Batman party to a lumberjack party…… he just couldn’t stick with one.  Then we realized he could have all those parties combined into one if he had a costume party!  We dubbed it his “Imagination Party” and started planning.  For his photo shoot this year we had him pick out his favorite costumes from our stash and we went to the park and took action shots of him in each of them.  He had a blast, I’d say it was the most successful and genuine photo shoot we’ve had with him to date.  Sure didn’t hurt that his dad was there to take all the great photos and keep him smiling!  He was pretty much in little boy heaven.  Here are our favorites from the lot:

batman Collage

Batman.  Obviously.  His first love and still his greatest.

knight Collage

Knight in shining armor with his trusty steed.

Harry Potter Collage

Harry Potter!  He’s almost done reading the first book with his dad and is loving it!

mountain man Collage

A mountain man.  Because, I mean…

ninja Collage

A ninja!  James is really into ninjas these days.  He thinks he knows karate.

yoda Collage

Yoda, baby!  Because Yoda is awesome and we love Star Wars.

pirate collage

A pirate!  Because what little boy doesn’t think he’s a pirate now and again?

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