My Choo Choo


It’s been a rough few days.  Charlie has had some sphincter problems so I’ve had to wash and rewash every towel and blanket in our linen closet.  And James has had issues with a monster cough that is taking over his life and personality and even though it’s just a cough it’s terrible.  He’ll get a coughing fit and start to panic and consequently turns into the Hulk.  We’re making the best of it, though.  We were able to get out and about today and we went and got some “sickie” toys to help mix up our regular recovery of just boring naps and show watching.  Charlie picked out an awesome stegosaurus and James picked out a Shredder mask for his costume collection.  They have really helped lift spirits around here.

Charlie is growing faster than he ever has and it’s making me heart sick.  James calls him Choo Choo.  He calls Jameser JayJay.  I’m in love with Choo’s and Jay’s little bromance.  They really are the best of buddies.  And the novelty of Charlie’s cuteness is still fresh in James’ eyes (in all of our eyes, really).  Even though Charlie is getting closer and  closer to James’ size, James will baby talk Charlie and crack up at his babyisms and basque in his unique light.  James definitely needs to learn Charlie’s love language, though, because he’ll try to force his love upon Charlie and then Charlie gets annoyed because he doesn’t love James smothering him all the time.  It’s not that Charlie doesn’t adore James, they just express their love differently.  Once in a while Charlie will initiate affection, though, and my heart sprouts wings.  I do wish Charlie was more cuddly than he is.  He’s just so delicious and teases all of us!  I honestly cannot express how surprising Charlie’s cuteness remains to me.  I never get used to it!  And these days he’s starting to talk up a storm in his insanely adorable little baby voice (seriously–it’s 1000x cuter than Boo’s voice on Monster’s Inc!!)–I just die.  His voice could not be higher or sweeter.  I could squeeze and smooch him all day but he is too independent to let me do that for too long.  In the pictures above, he was super hammy all of the sudden and kept tackling and kissing me and honking my nose and I luckily caught a few shots because it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to!!  Good thing we’re having another baby this summer who will have no choice but let me mug and mug to my heart’s content.

On a side note, Charlie is obsessed with dinosaurs.  This is so exciting to me because James never went through a dinosaur phase, he skipped right to superheroes.  Charlie loves superheroes, too, mainly because James gets him excited about them.  But Charlie is now getting James excited about dinosaurs and we are all going bonkers over them!!  

My heart is very content tonight.  Even amidst the chaos of two sick babies and a grad student husband wrapping up a quarter, this is the life I would choose over and over.  It’s funny how family unity can magnify the beauty in a simple, humble life.  I really have everything I need or could every dream of wanting.  All squeezed into 800 square feet.