Utah 3: the surprise of the century!

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 JOHN SURPRISED US IN UTAH!! It was only for 12 hours (he had to get back to building that hover craft) but he caaaaaaaame to Uuuuuuttttaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!  His little brother was graduating from the University of Utah and he really didn’t want to miss that huge milestone in his best friend’s life, so he impulsively purchased a plane ticket after the encouragement of one of his engineering friends (“There’s always more to be done, that’s why you just need to go anyway!”).  He had previously felt that there was no way he could leave the obligations to his team mates to come, but he found a way to make it work and didn’t tell a soul he was coming.  He hitched a ride with a stranger from the airport to the train station and road the train all the way from Provo to SLC to campus and just sat and waited for the convocation to start.  His brother Tanner was the first one to spot him, and  it was a great reunion!  I, of course, was running late.  Once I got there and found the fam (I left the boys with my mom) I sat down and geared up for the honors and speeches and name readings (my belly hates it when I sit for long periods of time), when all of the sudden I saw my sweet husband shimmying down the isle of attendees, coming straight for me.  I WAS SHOCKED!!!!! I immediately started BAWLING.  You just can’t do something like that to a pregnant women!!! But in a good way :).  This was after not seeing each other for over two weeks, and I was missing him so much, and there he was!  Of COURSE he came to his brother’s graduation!  How silly I was to think he wouldn’t be there, he is so dedicated to family and so kind.  I mean, do I even know my husband??  And yet, we were all surprised.  It was so fun to surprise the boys after the ceremony, too.  They were over joyed!!  James had already cried at least 20 times on the trip because of how much he missed his dad, so you can imagine how happy he was.  And of course Charlie was giddy, but he also fed off of James’ excitement and it was all sorts of crazy happiness with hugs and kisses and squeals and giggles and cheesiness.  And of course I only got a few pictures, none of which truly show our excitement from it all.  But it was just the best.  One of the greatest moments of my life, really, when I saw my husband in that auditorium!