Utah 1: farewell and tulip festivities

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I’ve been silent the last few weeks because I’ve been in Utah with the babies visiting my family while JW has been working hard back at the mother ship, building hover crafts and what not.  I wanted to share some photos of our little adventures, though!  One of the first days we were there we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It was so beautiful and the weather was amazing.  I got the worst sun burn I’ve gotten in years, though.  I forgot that the higher the altitude, the closer to the sun, or something.  Luckily the boys were ok.  It leveled me for the next handful of days, though.  I’m just a wuss when it comes to the sun, i guess.  I’ve actually come back from Hawaii before whiter than when I left because I’m so scared of the sun….

utah 3

 These boys sure are at a fun stage.  Charlie is getting big enough to stand up for himself and sort of dish back what James dishes, but they are always best friends (whether they realize it or not!).  I will say, though, that the sweet moments are more frequent than the frustrating moments, thank goodness.

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 Two of my three amazing sissies.  Ellie, Jessi, Andee. Missed you, Kels!

utah 1

And here are a few pictures of the farewell at the airport.  These boys love their dad, oh my goodness.  I always get a huge pit in my stomach when I’m leaving anyone in my family for an extended period of time, especially when planes are involved.  I HATE flying, jeez.  But the boys did pretty well, I just have to understand and accept that no matter what I do Charlie will never sleep on the flight from Oakland to Provo.  So as long as I’m prepared for that I can handle the flight.

utah 2

This ^ was a special moment on our flight where Charlie was fussy and James asked me, “Mom, can I sing to him?” And he sang him the sweetest song of having fun and being cute little Charlie.  I didn’t want to forget it.   The other picture is just of Charlie’s diaper sliding down to the ground and not staying on his teensy hips.  All it took was one round of pee to weigh it down and that was that.

More pictures of our Utah adventures to come…