wedding 5

Little brother got married last month and it was the greatest celebration ever!  Little did anyone but JW and I know that I was deathly sick with pregnancy the whole week–we hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant yet.  But I partied as long and hard as I could.  It really was the most wonderful, beautiful, special, spiritual day and nothing could have made me not love every moment.  Here are a few moments from the day, from my perspective.  I’m no photographer/editor, and there are so many pictures I wish I would have taken the time to get, but these are special to me.  I love Misa and Tanner so much, what a treasure you two are to me!!

wedding 1wedding 3

wedding 6wedding 7

My two beautiful Asian sisters! 

wedding 8wedding 9wedding 10

 James was trying so hard to have a great attitude for all the pictures and to give us smiles whenever we needed them, but it was a little forced at times.

wedding 12wedding 13wedding 18

A sneak peek of a few family pictures we snapped that day ^^


My boys with their grandparents, now you see why my husband is so attractive.

wedding 4 “It was always you.”

 Like I said, we got a few family photos (yes, I’m actually in them) that day that I’ll post another time!


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