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I’ve mentioned here before that we have started to have a weekly family picnic together to prioritize making time to spend together, which has been invaluable for us during John’s busy schedule with school and research.  His schedule has died down a little bit now, and what do you know–we still love our scheduled picnics even though we are seeing each other a lot more!   But this post isn’t really about our picnics.

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I would say one of the things I am most grateful for in my marriage is how urgently John and I both see the need to foster family unity.  It was John’s idea to start having weekly picnics and he is always thinking of little things to do with the boys and me together that bring us closer.  I love his devotion to our family and to the idea of family being heaven on earth.  With his devotion to me and the boys, I really feel like ours is.

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A lot of the time family life can just seem normal and routine, but every so often something pinches my heart in a good way and I realize that I am smack dab in the middle of heaven. I feel like in this world today, loving and healthy family life can make up for so much that lacks and can really save hearts in the long run.  I’m so grateful for my heaven.