Spoil Your Spouse: rein”DEAR” tags

This is a repost from a few years ago, but I thought it was such a great idea I might as well share it with you all again in case any of you are having a hard time shopping for your spouse. A link to a free printable of the tags can be found at the bottom of the post!
reinDEAR tags 
“I am so tickled with myself.  I’ve been thinking and thinking about what I can do for John William for Christmas and I finally got it!  It started with playing with the idea of doing a variation of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” but then John and I decided to think of a family to do that for instead, for our Christmas service project.  So I was back to square one, and found myself on Pinterest and happened upon an idea on The Dating Divas that inspired my gift idea:
Instead of doing a present for each day of Christmas, I am going to do a present inspired by each reindeer, for my rein”DEAR,” J-Dub, all to be opened on Christmas morn.  It’s so beautifully cheesy, I’m getting the biggest kick out of it.  I used some clipart from the internet and then froofed it up a bit (please let me know if you know where the original image is from!!).  Link to the free printable at the bottom of the post.”
Since it’s actually three years later, I decided to share the gifts I got to help inspire yours.  Some of them are a stretch, but it might help you head in the right direction:
Dasher: New athletic socks (is in “dashing” around really fast?)
Dancer: a Goggle Play gift card (as in, music?)
Prancer: basketball shorts (for him to prance around the court in?)
Vixon: a pretty piece of lingerie for me to wear (I’m the vixon, here)
Commit: a car cleaning kid (is in Commit, that cleaning powder stuff?)
Cupid: a little calendar I made of “for-his-eyes-only” pictures that my awesome sister took of me (keeping it classy)
Donner: a new shirt (as in “donning” new apparal)
Blitzen: a Civil War book he really wanted (as in a blitz?)
Rudolph: some LED light strips for his endearingly nerdy projects
 Print off your tags as a free download here~ ReinDEAR tags
Merry Christmas!!

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