Gratitude: a conclusion


This concludes this year’s Gratitude Project.  Above is James and his “Grateful Boy,” complete with a Harry Potter scar just like James’ (he requested that we put a scar on the forehead, I love that James sees his as a badge of honor and bravery…).  Each day of the month of November James thought of something his little three-year-old heart was grateful for and we wrote it on a heart and filled up his Grateful Boy until he was full of grateful hearts at the month’s end.  You hope and pray that when you teach your children something like this it will somehow make an impression on them and they will take it with them as they grow.  Regardless of whether or not James really understands and appreciates the principle of gratitude yet, he had a fantastic time falling in love with his Grateful Boy a little more each day as we added another heart.  He can’t read but he memorized what each heart said and where it was placed, so he would regularly point at each heart and recite what was written on it.  He was so proud of himself.  I don’t think I’ll be able to take it down for a little while!

I have absolutely loved writing these posts each (almost) day.  It’s a commitment for me to write so much in such a short period of time (I’m the queen of starting blog series and never finishing them), but I actually followed through on this one and never regretted the time it took because it opened my eyes and heart to seeking gratitude in the every day.  That’s really how I should be spending all my time, anyway.  It sounds so simple, but do we really do that?  Do we really, truly, actively seek gratitude?  I mean, other than in November? I’m trying to teach James about the importance of gratitude and explain to him that gratitude means you talk about how much you love the things you have instead of thinking about all the things you want.  Let’s do that more.  Let’s TALK about how much we love the things we have.  Let’s think more about our abundant blessings.  Let’s actively try to help others when we are stuck in a rut of thinking of what we lack.  Let’s SHOW more gratitude.  Especially with the holiday season in full swing.  Honestly, gratitude changes everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  If you are not as happy as you wish you were, maybe do a Gratitude Project of your own and see where it takes your heart.  It has truly filled mine.

We are so very, deeply grateful for your love, support and friendships.  Thank you for following along.



    • wifeofjw says:

      You are the most wonderful. It was good for me to post so frequently, i’m going to try to be more consistent. I should have written a whole post about you as part of my project!!

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