Gratitude parts 5 & 6: drunk babies and black charcoal


Charlie ate a wild mushroom last night from our back yard.  I honestly thought nothing of it but something inside me told me to explore it a little more.  I asked my dear friend and neighbor who shares our backyard if she knew anything about the mushrooms that grew in it and she told me to just call poison control to ease my mind.  Turns out, based off of my description of the mushroom and our region, Charlie had to be rushed to the emergency room and that one mushroom of the type the poison control helper thought it was could kill a healthy adult.  On the road to the ER all I could think about was how much it took to get our baby born safely after such a grueling pregnancy and that a stupid mushroom was going to be the thing that would take him away from me.  As soon as we got there we were moved to the top of the triage and they got my little man back faster than I ever could have hoped.  They administered black charcoal through a pipe they inserted down his nose to his belly so that any poison in his stomach would be absorbed.  Then they tried to place an IV but blew three veins before being able to (I was out of the room for this.  John and I have an understanding that I do not do IVs with my children.  I lose it, basically.).  Then they wrapped his IVed arm up in a fabric cast so that he wouldn’t fiddle with it and pull it out.  Then, because he was crying and crying and whimpering and moaning long after all of this happened, they gave him morphine.  Turns out Charlie is a very goofy drunk.  So with Charlie’s random outbursts of laughter, his dolphin claps with his cast-arm and his amazement with his hand and the conversation we overheard with the 10-year-old patient who shared our room and his doctor about all the tests they would need to run on his bike-accident-injured groinal region, John and I could not stop silently giggling to the point of tears.  Tender mercies in a very stressful time, to say the least.  Unfortunately at the expense of a sweet pre-pubescent and a drugged up infant.  I am so grateful to report that after being admitted for observation over night and today, Charlie is in the clear!  He’s home now and I am squeezing my babies so tight.  Mushrooms and I, we’re in a fight.

Gratitude Posts Summary:

1. Family // 2. Words // 3. Outside // 4. Compartmentalizing // 5. Drunk babies // 6. Black charcoal


  1. wifeofjw says:

    Ashlee! I got your text last night and I was driving so I couldn’t get back to you, you are an angel and I love you. Thank you so much for checking in!!

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