Gratitude parts 13 & 14: in-laws & miracles

charlie and jw

My in-laws are in town and it is a breath of fresh air, straight from Utah!  I feel a little more complete here in California with them here.  It’s like my two favorite things are finally together, just as they should be.  Plus my brother-in-law proposed to his lady yesterday in they city and now our family is a little more complete, too!  I simply cannot express the gratitude in my heart not only for a great friendship and relationship with my in-laws, but even more so that I get to have such incredible, inspiring, faithful, kind, accepting people as family, sort of just by luck.  I learn more from them and their examples than they’ll ever know.

I’m also grateful for miracles and know with all my heart that they are real.  Even the ones that can be explained away with explanation.  They’re still miracles.  I find that when you give more credit to God for things working out in your life, the more you see God in your life and the more you learn of miracles and their reality.  My family back in Utah got quite the scare this week (which I won’t go in to because it’s not my story to tell).  It was so hard to be away from them during the few days it took to get answers.  I wept and wept and thought and prayed and hoped that Heavenly Father would intervene in one way or another, whether to change things or simply give us strength to endure what we wanted to change.  Last night I stood in a humble circle of believers and hopers, all offering up a prayer for a miracle as we overlooked the evening Pacific.  Little did I know that at that very exact moment, my family back home got the miracle we were praying for.  Maybe it was just circumstance, maybe some people could find reasons to give earthly credit to something like that.  But I choose to chalk it up to a God who still performs miracles, on a grand scale and on a personal, individual scale.  But when you really think about it, is any miracle really anything other than grand?  No harm in believing that.

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  1. Ellie Michelle says:

    I love you so much sister! Your tthoughts, prayers, and tears mean more tto me then you will ever know. Miracles do happen. Prayers really are answered. Families are celestial. Love you!!

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