Gratitude parts 11 &12: movement and pseudo moms

Keeping up on this whole one-gratitude-post-a-day-in-November project is not as easy as you’d think…..


I have a dear friend whom I have admired from afar on Instagram for years who I basically stumbled upon in person once we moved to California and now we workout together in the mornings!  It’s a tale as old as time, really.  Girl loves artist.  Girl loves pictures of artist’s kids.  Girl moves to California.  Girl happens to meet artist.  Girl explains adoration for artist.  Girl and artist workout together on a regular basis and talk about living life.  I have to express gratitude for working out, though.  And to my friend who helps keep me motivated.  It’s hard to get back into moving daily and intentionally when you’ve been out of the habit for a while.  I’ve learned, though, that something is better than nothing, and that no matter what you can invest in your health as a starting point will at least get you started and is worth investing in.  I just feel better when I have a regular work out routine.  And some days I need that little extra “better” to keep my days on the positive swing of the emotional pendulum.  And I’ve never had a work out buddy before!  It’s really exciting!

I’m also grateful for other women who express love for my babies.  There are a handful of women here in our little neighborhood who my children, specifically James, can trust and ask for help from without insecurity because he knows they love him.  They are kind, gentle, compassionate women who not only love on my babies but who teach me more about womanhood and divinity than they know.  It’s such a sweet feeling as a mother to see other mothers love your children as a mother would.

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