Gratitude part 9: mercy

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I’ve been thinking a lot about mercy today and how it appears and/or should appear in my daily living.  James, for example, is so merciful with me.  He forgives quickly and doesn’t hold a grudge.  What a precious example to me.  John is also completely merciful with me.  He is patient and gives me the benefit of the doubt and never raises his voice.  I want to be more merciful.  In my parenting and in my marriage, in my friendships and just with people in general.  I think of a perfect Heavenly Father and His mercy and wonder if He wishes He could just be completely merciful instead of having to mix justice in with it all.    Mercy just helps everyone involved.  If I am merciful in my parenting I feel confident in my relationship with James, all the while while James is feeling less pressure and more trusting of me.  Same with marriage.  If I am merciful with John I find myself letting go of unspoken expectations and having more of an appreciation for how hard John really does try.  Meanwhile, he feels less pressure, as well, and more confident in our friendship and partnership.  

Here are a few examples of how I could show mercy to the people in my life:

Allowing James to be three.  Loving him kindly and gently and laughing with him and his three-year-old self.

Allowing John to be imperfect and not taking it personally when he is.

Always being kind to people around me.  Not over-analyzing friendships or taking things personally too quickly.  Seeking for understanding and giving the benefit of the doubt. 

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Here’s to a merciful week for us all!

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