Gratitude part 4: compartmentalizing

james cookie

 I’ve learned in my short three and a half years as a mother that balance in life is basically an idealized fantasy that creates mommy guilt and insecurities.  So I’ve decided to cut myself a break and let go of my pursuit of balance.  Instead I have become pretty great at compartmentalizing my focusses and emotions.  Or, at least I’m trying to become great at it.  The daily grind can be difficult when you’re in the mommy trenches, but compartmentalizing discouragement or frustration or whatever helps me find so much joy in that daily grind.  And that is the most important thing about motherhood–finding (actively seeking) joy even when things seem bleak and sleep deprived.  It’s compartmentalizing my grump–not disrespecting it by not allowing it at all, but just setting it aside for a bit–and squeezing out kindness and gentle words that brings that joy, I’ve found.  Today I’m grateful for my little compartments.

Gratitude Posts Summary:

1. Family

2. Words

3. Outside

4. Compartmentalizing

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