Gratitude part 3: outside

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 Monday is laundry day.  That means I was inside pretty much all day with Netflix on in the background, sorting and folding and loading and unloading (not quite to the putting-away part yet…ok if I’m being honest we’re not to the folding part yet, either…).  Maybe it was the laundry, maybe it was the Netflix binging or lack of Vit D (or the fact that we are all allergic to California, apparently, and are not getting any relief from itchy eyes, scratchy throats and constant reminders to sneeze in our elbow and not on our hands), but I was starting to drag.  Like, in my spirit.  John was scheduled to be gone most of the night and I was not seeing much leisure in the near future, so I grabbed a blanket and my camera and my babies and out the door we went.  Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was the chance to take some pictures, maybe it was the adult interaction on the playground, maybe it was the change of scenery…. but being outside sure lifted me up.  Today I am so grateful for the outside.

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Gratitude Posts summary:

1. My family

2. Words

3. Outside


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