Gratitude part 29: Jac

The 29th of November has gone down in our family history as the most important day.  Ever.  In the history of days.  Because that is the day our dear mother, Jaclyn, was born.

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 A few years ago we had a surprise poetry reading for her birthday party.  Everyone in the family wrote a poem about her and we each read them to her.  I can’t remember why, but I wasn’t able to attend.  So I sent in my poem via email to my sister to have her read it for my mom.  I’m no poet, but I do think I was able to portray my mother’s and my relationship perfectly to the cute little cadence.  It’s long, so congratulations ahead of time for reading the whole thing. …. 

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By your daughter Jessi, 11-29-2012

It’s been 28 years since the first time I cried, And the first time you held me and I looked up to your eyes. Twenty-eight years that I’ve had you as mine, A mother so dear, described only as “divine.”

As an infant I sat and watched your grace and your smile, Hoping that one day I could make caring for me worth your while.  You rocked me, you kissed me, sweet lullabies you sang, We didn’t know it then, but one day we’d be exactly the same.

As a child you soothed me with forbearance and love.  Some days you questioned if I was really sent from above. But you patiently taught me and let me be me, You set something spiritual loose inside me.

As a young adolescent you quietly watched, As I caused all sorts of drama, some life’s lessons I botched. I was over the top, but you were over the moon, Desperately wishing I wouldn’t grow up too soon.

Those teen years were rough, but I never once doubted, The way you believed in me, and our friendship sprouted.  I was always so busy with school and the rest, But you were always my constant when I returned to the nest.

I left home for the Irish, but I wasn’t afraid.  You taught me to love and to serve and be brave.  But then I was surprised by how hard it became.  Having doors slammed in my face and being told I was insane.  The phone calls on Christmas got me through all the tears.  Your voice was like honey to my sad, homesick ears.

It took 18 long months to learn of the heart, That I wore on my sleeve whenever we were a part.  I’d always loved you, from my youth until then, But something happened in Ireland—I learned we’d be best friends til the end.

I thought my mission was hard, but it didn’t compare, To that one time I got my heart ripped out and thrown into the air.  I would cry and would cry and in loneliness despair.  You would sleep in my bead with me and run your fingers through my hair.  You saw me at my worst, but a promise you made, That by the end of the year, all the sorrow would fade.  I would be the happiest ever, you told me that day, By the end of the year, the Spirit told you to say.

A few short months later, my heart would almost explode, As I would hold my love’s hand in the Temple of God, Remembering the promise you made to me that day.  We didn’t know how, But God provided a way.  He used you to tell me how much I was His,
And that His Plan was better than the one I thought was bliss. Thanks to you I had faith that it would all be all right.  I trusted that one day my heart would retake flight.  And on that day that I married, I couldn’t help but remember That it was you who said life would have joy come December.

Little did I know that the joy that I found, Would grow so much more when my own children would abound. I look into the eyes of my sweet precious boy, And remember your eyes looking into mine with joy.
I’ve learned of your love in an indescribable way, I now know you love me without you having to say. There’s something so special between a mom and her child, I had no idea you loved me this much all the while.

And here we are with so many memories behind us. Mother and daughter – with eternity to bind us. Think of all the good times to come!
More babies, more giggles, more lunch dates and fun.

It’s been 28 years since the first time I cried, And the first time you held me and I looked up to your eyes. Twenty-eight years that I’ve had you as mine, A mother so dear, described only as “divine.”


Happy birthday, Mama!  I am so grateful for you.


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