Gratitude part 28: golden few

with chooch

I have been thinking so much lately about what it’s like to make new friends.  It hasn’t always been easy for me to let people in.  In my adult years I’ve sort of turned into someone who has semi-weird-but-probably-more-common-than-I-realize social anxieties who ends up pushing people away from my little sphere of influence.  But moving to California has opened my mind and heart to really taking people in again.  And instead of getting nervous if someone shows interest in being my friend (it is very emotionally dare-devilish to take risks on new people by allowing them significant space in something as precious as my heart, after all), I have dedicated myself to not taking any “fan of me” for granted.  Whether it be online or in real life (which are slowly/quickly becoming synonymous in so many ways…), anyone who expresses interest and/or admiration in me is my favorite person in the world.  I mean, who am I to really have any “fans” anyway?  So any one of these golden few gets my whole heart.  I commit to investing in people who invest in me, no matter how little I may think we have in common initially.  I just feel like it is an honor for anyone to show any degree of regard to little old me.  So I will honor those people in return.  And don’t we all just want to be honored a little, anyway?

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