Gratitude part 18: naptime


 I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few days.  It might be because I’m trying to quit my habit of drinking Diet Coke, but I’ve just been a little fuzzy in my mind.  It’s been getting me a little down, but I’m trying to recognize my attitude and control what I can about it. Today started out dragging.  By about 1:00 pm I made an executive decision that we all just needed a nap.  So I put Charlie down in his crib, made James snuggle up to me in my amazing King with my big fluffy blankets, and we napped just shy of three hours.  It was simply a gift.  I needed that nap, that rejuvenation, so very muchly.  Normally I’d try to get stuff done while Charlie naps and James has quiet time, but today I had to do me.

1. my family // 2. words // 3. outside // 4. compartmentalizing // 5. drunk babies // 6. black charcoal // 7. naughties // 8. sneaky treats // 9. mercy // 10. grins // 11. movement // 12. pseudo moms // 13. in-laws // 14. miracles // 15. roots // 16. survival mode // 17. start overs // 18. naptime

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