Gratitude part 17: start overs

John has been putting in 15 hour days lately while he’s trying to finish up a project for school.  That means I’ve been putting in 15 hour days with the kiddos. Obviously I don’t mind this, since really I put in 24 hour days every day and they are the loves of my life and being their mom is living my dreams.  But today sure felt like a 15 hour day, even though it’s not even over.  

fish crackers

James thought it was a great idea to dump out the entire Costco-sized box of goldfish crackers, for some odd reason.  Like he thought it just might be fun.  When I saw it, it wasn’t even funny to me.  Normally I’d refrain from laughing at something like that, but this one just got my blood boiling!  This conversation followed:

“James, why would you do that????”

“I was gonna clean it up.”

“Well, you’re going to clean it up right now.  Go.”

“Mom, why are your cheeks red?”

“Because I’m mad, James.  Now get cleaning!”

“I want Dad!”

“Dad is at school.  He’s not coming home tonight.”

“Well I’m going to be really sad if Dad doesn’t see me.  And I cannot clean when I’m sad.”

“Well you better figure out a way because you are cleaning up that whole pile of fishies.”


crunch crunch, cleaning, cleaning, crunch crunch


crunch, cleaning, cleaning, crunch

“Mom, this is taking a long time!”

“Keep cleaning.”

“Mom, when are you going to be happy?”

“Keep cleaning, James.”

“WWWWAAAAAAAAA!!!! Mommy, my tummy hurts!! I can’t clean!”

“Your tummy hurts because you’re screaming, James.  Keep cleaning.”

“I reeeeaaaalllly want Daddy!”

“Yes, James, Dad is nicer to you.  We get it.  Keep cleaning.”

“Mom, this side is the light side, and that side is the dark side!”

crunch, crunch, cleaning, crunch crunch

“You’re almost done, keep going James.”

“It takes a long time!”

“I know.”

“I want your help.  I want you to clean with me!”

“James, it’s not my responsibility.  I didn’t spill them.  You spilled them, you clean them.”

“Well it wasn’t my fault!”

“James, you dumped them out on purpose, it was your fault.”

“Yeah, but now I’m sad!”

“Keep cleaning.”

“I really want Daddy!  And I whizpopped…..”


And so on, and so forth.  Would you believe that he really did clean it up, though?  I ended up swooping in with the vacuum there at the end, but the more he cleaned and the more he complained, and the more anger I expressed, the more grateful I was that it was almost bedtime and I could start over fresh in the morning.  I’ve always got another shot at this mothering thing!  So grateful for that.

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  1. Kelly Will says:

    I love that in your anger, you still managed to take a picture. For some reason, I could feel myself be you through this post, your frustrated and exhausted self, who just could not find the strength to find this funny. In a few years, this will be me, and I hope to remember to take a picture. Because this will be a hilarious moment to share with your boys when they are older. Thank you for posting about your mothering highs and lows. As some on who has been following you for three year and is now 17 weeks pregnant (and is having…OMG WHAT DID WE DO? moments) your stories and honesty are the thing that makes me know that this will be the hardest thing I ever do, but also the funniest and most rewarding. Thank you for keeping me entertained and grounded. You’re a breath of fresh air.

    Love from the East Coast.

    • wifeofjw says:

      Kelly! Oh my goodness, congratulations!!! And for the record, I don’t think mothering will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It hasn’t been for me so far, so don’t worry:). It’s definitely the funniest and most rewarding thing you’ll ever do, though! And luckily this experience I wrote about is already funny to me, just a few days later. It was just one of those days, hahaha. You are darling, thank you so much for commenting and for reading and for your kind, genuine words. Keep me posted on your pregnancy and how you are doing!!! God bless,


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