A Month of Gratitude: An Intro and parts 1 and 2

In past years I’ve attempted to write one gratitude post each day of the month of November and I think I’ll try to do it again this month.  November doesn’t just host the delicious holiday Thanksgiving, but it’s also home of our anniversary, my birthday (my 30th this year!!!!!!) and my mom’s birthday, too (actually, that’s all in just one week of November!). You may or may not have noticed that I’m the queen of starting series and not finishing them (I really need to start up my weekly portrait project again!! Leave it to major life moves and changes to get me behind…..), so I really need you to hold me to this!  Some posts may be less meaningful than others, but there are no bounds to what I am grateful for.  Feel free to join along in your own little way!  We’ll be doing a gratitude tree with the boys, too.  There are so many ways to express gratitude, and gratitude really does change everything.  So let’s get to this!



1. I am grateful for so many things, I don’t even know where to start. . . I’m sure this one will get more attention as the month goes along, but I would be remiss if I didn’t start out with my family.  My people.  My tribe.  It is not lost on me how blessed I am to have a husband who adores me, children who completely rock my world, and love in our little system to help it function semi healthily.  We try to laugh together every hour and try to hug and kiss even more often.  These boys and what we have is my everything.

2. I am grateful for words.  I love being able to choose my words wisely to (hopefully) express my heart and feelings adequately and accurately.  Words are a powerful thing.  They can cut down or build up, and it’s important to give your words the focus they deserve in order to be interpreted as they are intended.  I’ve been working with James on choosing words to describe his feelings instead of using gorilla grunts and horse ppppffffffssss and expecting me to read his mind.  Granted, those sounds describe feelings very well, but words are part of what make us human.  So I’ve been working on helping James be a human (insert winky-tonue-hanging-out emoticon here).  Really, though, I am a lover of words.  Maybe that’s why I love writing here.

Gratitude Posts Summary:

1. My family

2. Words

(Photo is of me kissing a tiny, beensy pre-balding baby Charlie)



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