What are you thinking about?


The other night at bedtime I was cuddling with my boy in his teepee bed.  I wasn’t in any hurry to get to my own bed and I could tell he needed me a little more that night.  So I stayed with him and held him as we both began to drift off.  I would sneak a peek here and there at him, assuming he was asleep because of his deep breathing, but being greeted by his big peepers, wide open.  After several peeks of my baby boy quietly staring at the wall of his teepee, I wondered what a little boy thought about when there was nothing to think about.  He was just lying there, not making a sound, staring.  I finally whispered to him, “James, what are you thinking about?”  Without skipping a beat, he gently replied,


My eyes moistened and then my heart broke a little as I recalled the news of the passing of my sweet friend’s baby earlier that day.  Her second baby she has lost.  I wondered why things happened the way they do.  I choose to believe–I have to believe–that there is a Great Plan that God is intimately involved in for each of his children, but as I got to hold my boy that night I was sick in my soul that my dear friend doesn’t get to hold her babies.  It didn’t seem right.  It isn’t right.  But I have no doubt that one day my dear friend will be reunited with her children.  They will embrace and catch up and maybe my friend will ask her babies what they’ve been thinking about as they’ve silently waited and watched.  And I have no doubt that they will reply,


To learn more about my friend’s babies’ genetic disorder and to explore the option of donating, click here.

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