Spoil Your Spouse: Surprise Date from the Husband.

Five years ago on October 17th, John William surprised me with this little pumpkin and asked me a very special big-deal question.  

date 2

I’m sure you can imagine how it turned out.  I mean, here we are, two kids later…. So obviously that big-deal day turned out the way John had hoped.  Little did I know, though, that John would try to make a big deal out of that day every year for the rest of our lives!  And yet every year I never fail to forget that that day is our proposal anniversary… 

date 3

This year John surprised me with probably my very favorite date to date!  An evening at home alone with delicious homemade food that I didn’t have to make and a movie that made me cry.  I have no idea how he knew I’d been craving Pad Thai all day long (maybe because he knows I crave Pad Thai all day long every day…) but he MADE me the yummiest Pad Thai I’ve ever had!  ALL BY HIMSELF.  I must admit, I was skeptical at first.  All I knew was that I needed decent Pad Thai that night, and by the way he was chaotically buzzing back and forth in the kitchen from his YouTube Pad Thai instructional video, the stove and the cutting board (which was adorable), I did not expect much, but was just grateful for all his effort.  He finished up while I walked the kids to the neighbor’s to be tended (which he had secretly arranged previously) and when I got home, he somehow whipped everything together beautifully and surprised me with an extra treat of getting to look at him while he wore his nice suit.  Hubba hubba!  And when I took the first bite, I was so relieved–for me and for him–because it was seriously bomb Pad Thai.  All his hard work paid off, and all my angst was in vain!  So yummy.  Then he even watched a chick flick with me afterwards.  Everything about the night was so thoughtful and sweet, just for me from Johnny Boy.  That’s my John for ya.  He had been planning the date for days without letting on, and he treated me nothing short of an empress that night.  Surprise dates are the best kind of date, I’d say!  No doubt your spouse would love it!!

date 1

Fall, 2009

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