Scenes from Charlie’s Cake Bar:

cake bar 16

My baby boy.  We try to celebrate him every day because of the gift he is to us, but here are a few scenes from his designated first birthday party Cake Bar.  I was worried we wouldn’t have a very fun party for him since we were only going to be in our new neighborhood for two weeks when we would celebrate, but because of the layout of our neighborhood we have met so many amazing people so quickly who all wanted to come out and show love to Baby Charlie!  It really got me choked up to see how many people came without even knowing us very well.  Just another confirmation that we are in the right place right now.

cake bar collage 1cake bar 14cake bar collage 2cake bar 8cake bar collage 3cake bar collage 4cake bar collage 5cake bar 15cake bar collage 6cake bar 11

Below are clickable links to printable recipe cards for all the desserts!  Accept the doughnut holes, that link takes you to our old food blog where our recipe is.  I’ll get around to posting a printable recipe card for those another time.  But these are all our very favorite desserts we’ve ever had and it was so amazing to have them all side by side all at once.  The cake plates were literally licked clean by the end of the night!

Coconut Cream Cheese Cake | Triple Chocolate Cake | Lemon Blueberry  Crumble Cake | Baked Pumpkin Doughnut Holes | Carmalitas



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