Free Download: General Conference Topic Illustrations

general conference topic images 3

So this is sort of really last minute, but I wanted to doodle some topic images for James to reference as I try with all my Mormon Mommy Might to get him to semi listen to General Conference this weekend.  And if you have procrastinated preparing activities for your babies like I have then these downloads have been provided just in time for you!  Last conference I taped some topic images to jars with treats inside so that he got to have a treat every time he noticed the speaker discussing that specific topic.  We don’t have a printer right now (moving frustrations…but that’s for another post.) so I decided to whip some up while we were watching Anastasia together tonight while Daddio was at a dinner meeting.  Anyhoo, long story long, I’m giving them to all of you, too!  They can be used as coloring pages, board game activities or whatever your cute mommy imagination can think up.  To download the above images click below! 

general conference topic images 1

general conference topic images 2

Have such a great weekend!!!!



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