34/52 of 2014

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James realized this past week what it actually means that we are moving.  And he started bawling.  And then I started bawling.  We are sad.  But James already has a best friend in the Bay Area, his cousin Aiden, so he will be taken good care of.  Plus he’s already got a preschool co-op ready to go, too, so I think he’ll really love it once we are there.  If anything, we will get much closer as a family because we’ll at least have each other out there.

Charlie is officially crawling!  And he loves to say the word ‘duck.’  He’s got 8 teeth, going on 10 (teething!!!!!!) and has been sick with hand, foot and mouth (again) this past week.  He has been mis-er-a-ble.  So we’ve all been miserable, really.  Luckily the rash has been minimal, except down his throat.  That’s rough.  Luckily he’s still eating a little and wetting his diap, so no worries there.  And he’s been feeling better today, so I think we’re on the upswing.  I’m just glad we avoided sickness for three weeks straight while we were having one vacation after another.  Oh, wait.  I ended up in the E.R. on the way home from Sun Valley.  I forgot about that.  I’ll share that story another time.

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