33/52of 2014

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A portrait of each of our kids, each week of the year 2014.

James is really playing up his “I’m scared” card lately.  I know everyone says you are supposed validate their feelings when it comes to fears but sometimes I just wanna yell, “Kid! Monsters are not reeeeaaaaal!!” But we use monster spray and “Secret weapons” and tell him it’s okay to be scared but it helps to be brave.  Sometimes I feel like I’m reinforcing the fears by acknowledging them so much, though.  I dunno.  What do you do with your scared toddlers?  We’ve also been practicing swimming with James, even though he’s scared of that, too.  And he’s really coming along!

Charlie always plays with the hair on top of his head as he’s falling asleep.  It’s actually easy to tell when he’s tired because up his hand goes.  He twists it and runs his fingers through it and it’s just cute.  He is also a clapping pro.  We’ve been on vacation for the past three weeks and he’s just a chill little dude, so easy to please and lug around.  He loves swimming more than any kid I’ve ever seen before!  And I just love kissing him.

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