32/52 of 2014

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A photo of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

James’ current nicknames:

Dude, Dudeski, Bro, Broski, Jameser, Jameserdoo, Doo Doo, Doody, Boo, Boo Boo, Bo, Sugar, Sugar Lips, Sweet Honey, Angel Boy, Shoog, Sweety

Current Likes:

Legos, Ninja Turtles, Superheros, Dino Chicken Nuggets, Happy Meals, showers, playing with Dad, Word World and Wild Kratts, anything Dad

Current dislikes:

bugs (particularly anything that flies and could be mistaken for a bee), anything remotely warm-hot

Current personality quirks:

Rhymes everything, wrestles Charlie, likes to play with my bra, does a great Lego Batman impersonation 


Charlie’s current nick names:

Char Char, Choo Choo, Chooch (does that sound like a naughty word?), Charzard, Char Char Binks, Sweet Angel Boy, Sugar Lips, Buddy, Honey Lamb

Current likes:

baths, water of any kind, snuggling, laughing, smiling, spoons, iphones, food

Current dislikes:

Diaper changes, clothing changes, nose wipings

Current personality quirks:

Charlie’s tongue is always hanging out like a puppy, starting to copy actions and sounds, can crawl but chooses to army crawl instead

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