31/52 of 2014

 3152 J3152 C

A portrait of each of our children (and sometimes us, too), each week of the year 2014.

Jameser.  He’s been testing me this week.  Three seems to come with some entitlement issues?  Anyway, gotta figure that one out.  He’s also been super hilarious lately, though. The other night as we were getting ready for bed I exclaimed, “I’m pooped!”  He asked me what that meant, I told him, and then he asked me, “What does it mean to be peeped?” And one day he fell asleep in the car and started mumbling in his sleep.  All of the sudden he shoots his head up and yells, “I gotta play with the Bishop!” and drops his sleeping head down again on the other side.  He’s also decided to really focus on learning how to say his L’s correctly.  He’s taken upon this all himself, I think he feels empowered or something.  But you can be sure that EVERY L-sound in EVERY word that includes and L is OVER-LA-Y exaggerated.  “LA-egos” “LA-ibby” “SLA-ide” and so on and so forth.  It is magical!  I absolutely cannot express how much I LA-ove this stage.  Minus the entitlement issues, but we’ll be nipping THAT one in the bud rill quick.

Charlie.  I never really know what to write for Charlie.  With James I feel like I documented every single tiny little developmental milestone.  “He yawned for the first time!” “He burped without spitting up!” “He clapped!”  But with Charlie we are too busy enjoying one another for me to really take note and take time to write it all down, while still taking it all in.  I feel okay about that, too.  It’s not that I don’t love him as much, it’s just that the joy of motherhood has become part of our every day now.  It’s comfortable now, familiar, dependable and feels like home.  I like this home.  But Charlie is hitting all the milestones.  He’s not “officially” crawling yet, but he gets around!  He’s also not “officially” sleeping through the night yet, but surprises us every couple of nights with a long stretch.  He’s getting great at eating, sings all the time, is starting to give James a taste of his own rough-housing medicine, and looks like he’s about to implode with excitement every time I walk in the room to get him after he wakes up from a nap.  I have a feeling he likes me a little.

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