toddler jeans be rockin.

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I have recently fallen in love with acid washing everything.  You can thank the Journey Concert for that.  It is so easy and so fun and the results are obviously radical.  I decided I wanted to refashion some jeans of James’ that he has literally never worn.  He’s had them in his drawers since waaaayyyy before they even fit him, but he has a few other comparable pairs that I like more so they always got neglected.  Enter acid wash!

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What you need:

a few minutes to spare

old jeans

straight up bleach

a spray bottle with the “stream” setting

a tub in a well ventilated bathroom

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First, make sure you are wearing old clothes that you wouldn’t care about getting bleach splots on, just in case.  Fill the spray bottle with bleach and make sure the nozzle is on the “stream” setting.  Place jeans flat in your tub.  Start a-sprayin!  The bleach spots should show up with in a few minutes, so start out with less sprays and see how it turns out to decide how much more you want to do.  But do it quickly!!  The longer the bleach is on the jeans, the weaker the fibers will become and your jeans will get eaten through.  Turn the jeans over and repeat on opposite side.  RINSE THEM OUT ASAP (I just spray them down with my removable shower head).  At this point I hang them over the shower curtain rod for a few minutes to make sure the I am satisfied with the results.  If not, I put them back in the tub and add some squirts where I want them, and rinse them again asap.  When you are satisfied with the look of the acid wash, put the jeans through a cycle (with nothing else!) of washing and drying and then you are done!  Afterwards I ran an empty wash, too, just to be safe that the bleach was washed out and wouldn’t affect any other washes.  Worked just great for me!  And yes, James and I wear our acid wash jeans together and are probably too cool.

Note: working with straight bleach can be tricky.  Make sure you are in a well ventilated area and avoid getting it on your skin.  Just make sure you are careful!


  1. Lyndsay says:

    I Love this! Thanks for sharing this tip it’s fab!
    I have been reading your blog for around six months now and really enjoy catching up with your news on a Sunday afternoon with a coffee and some me’ time. Greetings to you and your boys from Glasgow, Scotland! Xx

    • wifeofjw says:

      Oh my goodness, Scotland! Hello! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I am honored to be a part of your Sunday afternoon, haha!

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