James’ 3rd birthday photo shoot:

James bday 2

My baby is turning three!  Each year around my kiddos’ birthdays I do a little (read: huge) photo shoot with them in the theme of their party, which is usually inspired by the phase of life they are in or how they are touching my heart as children in that particular point in our lives.  James’ party isn’t until next week, so those photos will come another day.  This year we went with a “Lost boys / Tom Sawyer” type theme, and I gotta say—it was pretty much a dream come true for me to see my little man in this “world” we created.  His imagination was going CRAZY and it was like we were in the pages of an old classic story book.  It was pretty much how I see and feel about little boys–my little boys–and it was very special for me as James’ mom to see this vision come to life.  It couldn’t have been more perfect for our little birthday guy.  Happy birthday, Sonshine!!

James bday 1bday collage 4James bday 001bday collage 5James bday 16bday collage 2James bday 3bday collage 3James bday 7bday collage 6James bday 17bday collage 1James bday 8bday collage 7big adventure

James’ jeans and suspenders are from H&M (sold separately), and I made his sword, bandanna stick thingy, feather bunting, newspaper hat and moccasins (I call the moccasin style the Neverland Mocc, and it’s my new favorite style!  It was so fun developing that pattern!)  The sale boat is from Michael’s and was only $1!! They have lots of different styles and are all quintessential little boy.  You can see past birthday related posts of James’ here, here, here and here (a video), here and here.

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