holiday weekend photo round up part 1:

Splash pads, fair rides, family, starts and stripes, fireworks!  This holiday weekend could not have been more amazing for our little family!  James was ecstatic to have one adventure after another.  Charlie got a little tired and kinda zombied out, but that just means he got cuddly and let me hold him with out wiggling around.  Heaven! We took way too many photos for one post, so expect more photos over the next few days!

This little plane ride hardly went fast at all but James LOVED it, especially because he got on the BATMAN PLANE!! ^

“Part of your…..wooorrrllld!” ^

Here he is actually singing the Batman theme song. ^

Could be my new favorite picture of James.  He was putting the seat belt on all by himself here (which he insists on doing all the time now!).  And yes, he jumped right into the BATMOBILE on this little car ride! ^

His driving face…… uh oh!  You think he gets it from me?  Cut me off and you’ll find out!^

Charlie loves the grass but sneezes and sneezes when he sits on it! ^

“James!  Please just smile for the camera already!!!”  You want a smile?? I’ll GIVE you a smile! ^

James could not have been happier about getting to play in the water!! ^

Zombied Charles ^.

We told James to give us a thumbs up for the camera….^.

My dream boat.  ^