Hold on to that feeling.

A date night for the ages!

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My boo and I hit up the Journey concert last week in true John-and-Jessi-style—clad in our best 80’s attire to pay tribute.  I may have had a little too much fun getting ready for this concert.  As in: I acid washed my own jeans and am definitely in love with them.  And yes, I felt like a major hottie.  And so did John.  And he was.

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The concert was ill.  The illest, really.  Steve Miller Band opened and of course when they played “Fly Like an Eagle” it reminded me of Space Jam.  I told that to John and his eyes got all desiring and he said, “Me too!  Oh, I love you, Jessica.”  At which point we made out for a minute because we realized again how perfect we are for each other.

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I must say that the new lead singer is pretty awesome.  I mean, Steve Perry will always be Steve Perry.  But as far as face-melting vocals go, Arnel Pineda can hold his own!  And I am an expert that would know.  A Journey expert, that is.

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Together forever.

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People were drunk and smoking weed and provided amazingly entertaining people watching.  Some of which made us uncomfortable and want to take a shower, but to each their own.  My favorite encounter was when a middle aged Mexican gentleman jumped in John’s face and yelled, “YOU STOLEH MEH BLANKET! AY AY AY AY AY!!”

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I hate the word epic because it is grossly overused, but I can’t help myself:  The night was epic.  Epic indeed.

photo 3

You know you’ve got a true man when he is comfortable wearing his wife’s pants in public.  Not to mention they totally look better on him than they do on me.


    • cherishi says:

      Ashlee! You better believe that I already wrote up a tut for the pants and it’s coming atcha tomorrow!! Hahaha

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