Busy Bubbers: summer reading list

book collage

This summer we have really tried to bring reading into the magical light that it deserves in James’ life.  I found these great classics at Hobby Lobby of all places, for $1.99 each!  They are about 180 pages long, so it takes about a week to get through one by reading each night with James.  It has become our nightly ritual.  We do family scripture study and prayers, then I put Charlie down and then Dad and I read a few chapters to James from our book.  I’m actually surprised at how enthralled he is with the story line!  And his attention span with the chapter book length has been fantastic.  He really gets into each story and will even talk about the characters throughout the day.  Then to celebrate the completion of each chapter book, we head to the library and check out the corresponding movie and watch it together.  As we watch the movies, James will recognize a character and yell out who it is from what he learned from the book and tell us everything he remembers about the character.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and as a mother observing, I cannot tell you how excited it makes me to watch him put all these worlds together in his mind.  It has been the perfect summer activity for our little family.  I think we’ll keep it going for as long as our kids are interested!


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      Ash! Thanks for commenting, it means so much! And thanks for the compliment on the site, it’s taken way too long to get up and running, hahaha!

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