28/52 of 2014

James 2852

charlie 2852

A portrait of each of our children (and sometimes us, too), each week of the year 2014.

James is the king of specificity.  Instead of asking for a sippy of milk, he elaborates, “Can I have some cow milk in a sippy with a lid?”  Like we wouldn’t know what he was talking about unless he clarified.   or, “Mom can I please have a cracker with no poop on it?”  He does this with all sorts of requests.   He’s also taken to rhyming everything.  He’ll yell out of no where, “Mom! Bat sounds like fat!” or “Shine is like fine!”  It’s this amazing revelation to him every time he thinks of a new rhyme.  My little free-styler.  Love him to bits. (that pic is a preview of his birthday shoot, LOTS more pictures to come!)

Charlie was sleeping great for a few nights and then, whadya know, he started teething.  So there goes that.  It’s really not that bad, though.  It’s just sorta become our normal now.  He is SOOO close to crawling but he gets around just fine with his little ground wiggle that he has no motivation to take it to the next level.   Everything he does is so flipping cute.  James complains when Charlie has to go down for a nap because he wants to keep playing with him.  We are all madly in love with the lil squirt.

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