26/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.


Some Jamesisms I don’t want to forget:


We were at my parents working on some things with my brother when all of the sudden James comes running into the living room soaking wet and yells, “Mom! It’s a sprinkler day!”  He had snuck out back and started playing in the sprinklers all by himself.


After the sprinklers, I stripped him down to his birthday suit to get a new diaper on him (still terrified to potty train over here—me, not him.).  All the while, he was talking to my brother and just sorta telling him about what was on his mind.  My brother said, “Wow, James, you have great diction! (he was impressed with James’ enunciation of each syllable….)” To which my naked child replied, ” No I have a naked diction.”  Of course he didn’t realize the play on words, but we all busted up.


A few weeks ago James was being tended my his grammy.  Grammy told James, “James, you have the best mommy in the world, don’t you.”  James sweetly replied, “Oh yes, she is the best.  She hugs me and tickles me and helps me….. But sometimes (lowering his voice and speaking very intentionally) I GET SAAAAAD CONSEQUENSES! (read that last part as if you were a dragon dramatically breathing out fire as you said that, because that’s how he said it.)”


Charlie just loves everything.  He plays great with James, reaches for him a lot and wants to wrestle with him.  If James ever says anything remotely negative about Charlie we make a HUGE deal about how that is not allowed and that not being friends with his brother is not even an option.  So far James has shown so much love and interest in Charlie, so we’ll see how long it lasts.  Charlie loves being with his brother most of all, I think.  It’s amazing seeing them together.