Sisters do Nauvoo

Last week I went on the trip of a lifetime with two of my three sisters (#3 is on a mission in Argentina!) to visit our grandparents who are serving as missionaries in Nauvoo, Illinois for our Church.  Nauvoo is a very special city to us Mormons as it is rich with so much history and heritage of the early members of our Church.

Grandpa and Grandma are experts (literally, like authors-of-tone-of-books literally) on the history of our Church so we got to hear them give a bunch of lectures and get the skinny on special little details of the history that often go unspoken.  We knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the grandparents there, and we knew we would regret it the rest of our lives if we didn’t make the trip happen.  And everything honestly went off without a hitch!  Not going to lie–I am very inexperienced with the whole head-the-trip-out business, so the fact that we got from point A to point B alone was a bit miraculous.

I had a neat experience on one of the mornings we were there.  We were scheduled to visit the place where our Prophet, Joseph Smith was martyred (a very important place to us) and I started coming down with this violent stomach flu that my boys and husband had the week before our trip.  I knew I would be out for at least 12 hours and would have to miss this very important part of our trip, so I went into the bathroom, knelt down on the cold tile, and begged my God to heal me.  Many of the early members of our Church died from malaria on the very banks of the Mississippi where we were (even though they had immense faith), but many were also healed by faith.  I now consider myself among those healed by faith because not 30 minutes later I felt perfectly healthy.  I don’t share that story lightly.  It was a testament to me of a loving Heavenly Father who hears my prayers and knows me personally.

^Teaching Grandpa George what a selfie is was hilarious….

I feel like I talk openly about God in my little space here, but I may not be very specific about my soul-deep beliefs and why I’m a Mormon (aka Latter-day Saint).  It makes up all that I am and hope to become and brings meaning to even the littlest of things.  While we proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all the world, we do have some beliefs that set us apart from fellow Christian denominations.  If you would like to learn more about what makes us different, please visit or email me and I’ll send you a Book of Mormon with a personal message from myself inside!

Being with my sisters in Nauvoo with the amazing George and Susan touched my heart deeply and changed a part of it for the better.  I am so proud of my heritage and all that has come because of it and am thankful for everything the early Saints endured to help the work.  It was a trip that I will never forget!

Totally posted that bike picture twice on accident…