little black jumpsuit.

I do not claim to be a fashion blogger, but I do love fashion.  Especially penny pinching fashion!  I’ve said it before, but I get the most compliments/questions when I’m wearing thrifted clothes.  There is no reason poor people like me can’t stay on trend with the rich j. crew and anthro fashion bloggers out there, whom I completely and sorta proudly do not relate to.  Plus, where’s the creativity when all you buy is j. crew?  Dont’s get me wrong, j. crew totally has it’s place!  But I feel like the real fashion geniuses out there are the ones who make something out of nothing–who are more accessible.

Now, I’m no genius, but I will say that I may be a deal-finding wizard.  Probably because of that, I’ve been asked to participate in a little campaign called “Splurge vs. Save” started by  Credit Card Insider.  We are supposed to show an expensive item we crave, and then show the deal we got instead.

We all know the jumpsuit is raging right now, and you either love it or you hate it.  I personally LOVE it and own several.  My favorite of which is my black one that can be dressed up or dressed down.  Here is one that made my jaw drop because of how cute it is but also because of the price… $425.00!


And here is my version that I got at Ross for $14.99.  I did add sleeves on it, though, so that might have added a few bucks.  But it was fabric I already had.

Totally cute enough!  And it’s comfy and ready to wear right out of the closet and I don’t stress out if my baby spits up on it.  It’s pretty much my mom uni.

Thanks, CC Insider for asking me to play along, this was right up my ally!

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