25/52 of 2014

(Playing catchup from my trip!)

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

James continues to crack us up daily.  Toddlers are just the best, holy heck.  A few Jamesisms worth noting:


~”James, will you please go put these toys away in your room?”

“Uh…..thank you for asking, but I’m gonna say no.”


~”I’m gonna kick your A**!”

(??!!!!! He must’ve actually been listening while I watched my show instead of just playing Legos like I thought….)


~”Mom! You’re not dancing!!”

(when his favorite “Big-O” commercial comes on…)


~”Mom! I’m putting my makeup on.”

(He says this while shoving a syringe up his nose.)


Charlie keeps getting bigger and cuter and happier. I feel this guilt most of the time that stems from knowing I am just not good enough for him, but not in a bad way.  More of just a desperate way.  I desperately want to cherish my tiny little angel boy.  He really is just too good for this world!  Thank Heavens he’s here in this world with me, though.  He’s got two buck teeth popping through up top to accompany his two little teethums on bottom.  I’m going to miss his gummy ear-to-ear grin but is there anything cuter than buckies on a baby?! He’s sitting like a champ, but not pushing himself up to a sit yet.  He army crawls like Rambo which makes me think he will be a late crawler because he can get around perfectly fine his own way.  He sings and yells ALL THE TIME.  Every time I sing him his special little song at night, no matter how late it is or how tiered he is, he will sing right along with me.  I love it, you can be sure.